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Thank you for your interest in a job opportunity with Summer Search.

We are a dynamic national non-profit organization that finds resilient low-income high school students and inspires them to become responsible and altruistic leaders by providing year-round mentoring, life-changing summer experiences, college advising, and a lasting support network.

Our hiring cycle varies with the unique needs of each of office, but we are constantly on the look out for qualified candidates throughout the year. If you are interested in joining our staff, please review our website to better understand our mission, goals and process, and refer to the list of hiring offices on the side for position information. We look forward to hearing from you!

Summer Search is committed to equal opportunity employment and encourages applications from people of diverse backgrounds.

Summer Search National - San Francisco, CA
Summer Search Philadelphia - Philadelphia, PA
Summer Search San Francisco - San Francisco, CA
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our values

Summer Search is committed to the personal and professional growth opportunities of every staff member. We embrace honesty and directness as opportunities for growth. This integrity is paramount with oneself, students, and other staff and drives our success. Everyone within our organization is guided by the following values:

Pursue excellence
We constantly strive to be excellent as individuals and as an organization. We pursue excellence by actively learning, questioning, reflecting and taking healthy risks. We are fervent about excellence because we are committed to achieving results for youth and our organization.

Dare to lead
We are ambitious on behalf of those we serve and we want to stand out in our field for not only being excellent but visionary. This means that we are comfortable stepping forward and taking the initiative, identifying opportunities, challenges, and solutions, and innovating for impact and results.

Actively connect and collaborate
When you walk in to any Summer Search office, you will most likely be greeted with a hug. We care deeply about the people around us and we seek ways to connect and support one another personally and professionally. We speak up and reach out to one another when we need help, partner wherever it makes sense, and share when beneficial. We work for the success of each individual student, our teams, and the organization as a whole.

Be curious and listen with empathy
Growth and leadership comes from asking the right questions, not from having all the answers. Curiosity is often the precursor to growth and improvement and it fosters empowerment, empathy, and connection. More is revealed when you strive to see things from another person’s perspective and listen longer. So when we ask ‘how are you,?’ we really want to know.

Be authentic
We value direct and honest communication that is personally delivered in a respectful and transparent manner. Guided by what we think is best for Summer Search, we don’t shy away from addressing difficult or contentious issues. We respect one another and strive to create a culture of honesty and trust. We only say things about one another that we would say to one another.

“Say thank you seven times”
Our founder was coached by a successful fundraiser to never ask for more support until she had found unique ways to say thank you seven times. Each of us is surrounded by many people who help make our work successful through their hard work and generosity. We want our colleagues and supporters to feel our gratitude and to feel like a vital part of our community. Expressing gratitude genuinely, creatively and often requires practice and intention.
Laugh & celebrate success
While the work we are doing is personal, profound, and difficult at times, we want our culture to be uplifting, positive, and fun! We aim to balance hard work with moments of levity. We recognize and celebrate our success and the people behind it. Many of us are known by our hearty laughs that resonate throughout the office; others are known for their dry humor that catches you by surprise.
Take care of ourselves
To be excellent we must be healthy. Because the work we do is deeply personal, it can be rigorous and draining, so we need to be sure to replenish ourselves. Find the unique outlets that nourish you. We are marathoners, yoga instructors, avid hikers, gourmet vegetarian cooks, voracious readers, hammock swingers, Scrabble masters, dancers, active parents of fairy-princesses, and fishermen.

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