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The Partnership is a pioneering school management organization that is shaping the next generation of urban Catholic education. Granted operational management in 2013 of six long-standing Pre-K to 8th grade schools in the South Bronx and Harlem, the Partnership is committed to providing students in historically underserved neighborhoods with the academic preparation, values, and skills they need to excel.

The historic success of urban Catholic schools stems not only from a rigorous tradition of academic excellence, but also from an emphasis on developing self-worth, moral character, a love of learning, and a sense of civic responsibility—all part of our long-standing commitment to educating the whole child. The Partnership is unique in knitting this tradition together with lessons from high-achieving public, charter, and independent schools, in the service of our students.

For more than twenty years, the Partnership has raised and invested over $200 million in urban Catholic schools. Today, as a School Management Organization (SMO), the Partnership is intensifying its efforts to break the cycle of poverty and close the achievement gap across our network schools.

  • The Partnership currently serves over 2,100 students across the network
  • Nearly all of our students are a part of the free and reduced-lunch program
  • 99.4% of the students are minority
  • 65% of the students are Catholic
  • 33% speak English as a second language

At the Partnership, we believe all children can achieve at the highest levels.


"At the beginning of the year, Coral worked with her students to create an academic vocabulary around integrity, challenging them to think about respect, honesty, and responsibility as they go about their daily lives.”


"Trista is always thinking about how she can improve and welcoming feedback on her teaching. Whenever she is approached by Sr. Patrice, Eileen, and any of our network leaders, she is excited to hear about how she can improve and what others might have seen that she missed."


"She works to further understand what her students know, what they struggle with, what’s going on at home, and how she can be their advocate. This type of knowledge can only be gleaned through significant time and investment spent and the tremendous amount of dedication and hard work is sincerely recognized by Yvonne’s students and fellow teachers and leaders."


"We love that Barbara not only clearly models the value of service to her community to her students, but involves them in her important work so they too can be stewards to others."

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