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Make a Difference with a Nursing Career

Choosing a nursing career is often a higher calling than just having a job. People who fill positions caring for the elderly as Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Certified Nursing Assistants, often do so because of their love of helping others, especially the older generations.

Imagine being able to offer some happiness and hope during a person's last few years. Showing compassionate care is one way that nurses make a difference when working in a nursing home or long-term care facility. The elderly patient's family can also have peace of mind knowing that you can give the very best care to their loved one during the times when they cannot be present.

Nursing Careers at LMCF are Rewarding

A nursing career through our nursing home offers many rewards, not the least an opportunity to make a difference in the life of someone who has already lived a full life. Working in a long-term care environment takes a special skill and level of character. A true dedication to serving others is evident in our staff, who provides kind, compassionate care on a daily basis.

The nursing home jobs we have include Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Certified Nursing Assistants. State certifications are required, as well as the appropriate background checks, drug screens, health physicals, fingerprinting, and interviews. If you are interested in nursing jobs at Lenawee Medical Care Facility, please fill in an application form at our business office. We will be in contact with you after that, to discuss a nursing career with us.

Available Positions:

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