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About Recreation Management Team LLC

Here at Recreation Management Team and throughout all of our locations, we strive to be a place worthy of someone's rave. We want to be known for our service. Rave Worthy Service! While others may see it as "just a meal, a restaurant or a job", we see each customer and team member as an opportunity to serve. We take that opportunity and turn it into the ultimate experience for our guests and for our team members. As managers, we try to live our core values every day and help instill them in our Team Members. We carry our core values throughout the customer's entire experience. From door to table, menu to plate, and carryout box to home, we keep these values.

Together we make every customer, employee and experience rave-worthy. We unite to become a complete service, starting with each smile we give and receive as one enters the door. Together we not only serve a meal but an emotion. We make a difference in our community one experience and one meal at a time. We make each person happier than the moment they entered. We give them something to continuously Rave about over and over.

Our Core Values

  • We are TRUE. To be TRUE we are honest, respectful, genuine, caring, trustworthy and reliable. We have TRUE integrity, devotion, and dedication.
  • We INSPIRE. To INSPIRE we lead by example, teach and coach one another while continuing to always remain a team player above all else.
  • We are PRODUCTIVE. To be PRODUCTIVE we use a can-do attitude. We are self-motivated while being accountable for our actions and dependable in our work ethics. We empower each other while empowering ourselves and being go-getters.
  • We are SPIRITED. To be SPIRITED we have fun, stay positive and happy while being our authentic selves.

We believe with the right attitude we can teach the skills needed to succeed in the restaurant industry. Our core focus is to build a happy, positive, productive team that works together consistently executing Rave-Worthy service with perfect food, on time, in an exceptionally clean restaurant for every guest on every visit. We strive to help team members develop skills and succeed in their personal & professional lives. We offer team member training that puts advancement possibilities directly in the hands of our team members.

Buffalo Wings and Rings - Greendale
Greendale, IN
Buffalo Wings and Rings - Greensburg
Greensburg, IN
LaRosa's - Greendale
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