Position:  Club and District Support Associate Officer, Americas
Location:  Evanston, IL
Job Id:  698
# of Openings:  1

Job Title:           Club and District Support Associate Officer, Americas
Area:                  Club and District Support, Americas
Reports to:        Senior Supervisor, Club and District Support, Americas
Classification:   Exempt
Organization Overview
Rotary unites people from all continents and cultures who take action to deliver real, long-term solutions to pressing issues facing our communities. Each year, Rotary members invest more than $200 million and 16 million volunteer hours to improve lives and create positive change in the world. In exchange for hard work and dedication in support of Rotary’s clubs and humanitarian initiatives, our employees receive competitive salaries, flexible schedules, comprehensive benefits, and job enrichment. To learn more, visit http://www.rotary.org.
Rotary’s Commitment to Diversity
As a global network that strives to build a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change, Rotary values diversity and celebrates the contributions of people of all backgrounds, regardless of their age, ethnicity, race, color, abilities, religion, socioeconomic status, culture, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity.
General Overview
The Club and District Support Associate Officer is responsible for implementing regional strategies to help club, district, and zone leaders function optimally by providing expert, regionalized guidance and training on constitutional documents, Board policy, Rotary’s online tools, governor funding, membership development, Rotary Marks, and leadership training and development. Advises and trains leaders in North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, and northern South America.
Collaborates with Club and District Support staff in our international offices and provides online technical support to other Rotary staff. Works as part of a team of four to six people. Responsible for various Club and District Support global projects based on interest, skills, and availability. Develops and maintains professional development skills in chosen area of expertise.
  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • Graduate degree in international relations, education, communications, or non-profit management preferred
Prior Experience
  • Minimum two to five years in volunteer management, association management or member services
  • Work experience related to training, customer service, project management and financial administration
  • One or more years of Rotary experience preferred
  • Previous work experience with an international non-governmental organization or membership association
  • Study, work, or volunteering experience abroad preferred
  • Mentoring experience helpful
Knowledge and Skills
  • Active listening skills and excellent written and verbal communication
  • Demonstrated success in public speaking, making presentations and providing training 
  • Demonstrated record of identifying, analyzing and helping to resolve conflicts with diplomacy and tact
  • Demonstrated ability to interact confidently with individuals at all levels of an organization, including off-site staff
  • Experience creating and maintaining budgets
  • Demonstrated understanding of policy and governance issues
  • Fluency in English required and working knowledge of Spanish or French preferred
  • Cross cultural experience
  • Ability to travel and work during non-standard business hours and on weekends
Leadership Attributes
  • Presence – Display a professional presence
  • Communication – Write and speak clearly and compellingly
  • Engagement – Be a team player
  • Productivity – Strive to produce consistently excellent results
  • Innovation – Think creatively and propose new ways to do things
  • Global Perspective – Develop knowledge and appreciation of other cultures
Specific Duties
Clubs, Districts, and Zones
Assist in the implementation of strategies to support and strengthen club and district operations in the Americas region, serving as a trusted advisor and trainer to club and district leaders in North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, and northern South America. Collaborate with and support zone leadership. Acquire and maintain an extensive knowledge of Rotary resources and constitutional and Board policy documents.
  • Maintain regular contact with regional senior leaders, zone leadership, and district governors, developing working relationships on a first name basis, as appropriate.
  • Provide regional zone team training on Rotary resources and Rotary’s suite of online tools, as assigned.
  • Provide onsite training on district operations, Rotary resources, Rotary funding for governors, branding, and Rotary’s suite of online tools to district governors at the Governor-Nominee Training Seminar, Governor-Elect Training Seminar, Institute, International Assembly, District Team Training, and other meetings as assigned. Serve as staff team leader, as assigned.
  • Serve as primary support for district leaders by providing advice, and as appropriate, review and approval, regarding new clubs, club terminations, club mergers, district foundations, district governor selection procedures, disputes, district officer reporting, the district leadership plan, Council on Legislation representative selection process, drafting of resolutions and enactments, Rotary name and emblem guidelines, and other RI constitutional and Board policy matters.
  • Assist in the creation of budget for Rotary funding for district governors. Advise about and ensure appropriate expenditure of funds. Review reports to ensure compliance with Rotary policy. Forward allegations of misuse of funds. Authorize issuance of individual district governor payments. Advise district governors on how to complete reporting requirements.
  • Provide onsite training on club operations, Rotary resources, branding, and Rotary’s suite of online tools to club presidents-elect at President-Elect Training Seminars and other meetings as assigned.
  • Serve as primary support for club leaders by providing advice regarding finances, suspensions and terminations, disputes, changes of name and locality, club incorporations, club foundations, officer election procedures, new club officer reporting, anniversary certificates, presidential letters, the club leadership plan, Rotary name and emblem guidelines, and other RI constitutional and Board policy matters.
  • Provide advice and support to club and district leaders as requested based on expert knowledge of the regional culture and Rotary traditions. Process requests for exceptions to policies and guidelines.
  • Educate and train club and district leaders through written communications, telephone calls, video conferences, e-learning, and webinars.
Promote and Support Access to Rotary’s Online Tools
Encourage use of Rotary’s online tools by directly assisting club, district, and zone leaders.
  • Provides direct support for online account creation and issues, the Rotary website in general, Rotary Club Central, Club and District Administration, delegation, Rotary Showcase, Rotary Ideas, Rotary Brand Center, Rotary Global Rewards, and Learn.
  • Act as subject matter expert for Rotary Club Central, assisting the product owner in future development, enhancements, testing, and bug fixes to improve the club goal-setting experience.
  • Work with the Business Intelligence team to ensure that current and future reports meet business and customer needs.
  • Monitor and analyze the adoption rate of Rotary Club Central, and develop materials to promote its use in the Americas region, in collaboration with the product owner.
Strategic Planning, Innovation, and Business Process Improvement
  • Participate in the development of yearly Club and District Support, Americas strategic plan, including team goals, action steps, and success measures.
  • Develop innovative approaches to understanding and addressing club and district operational needs.
  • Participate in the development of innovative ways to promote Rotary resources to meet club and district operational needs.
  • Participate in the development of innovative business process improvements for Club and District Support globally.
  • Participate in the collection of organizational knowledge for the Americas region.
  • Improve effectiveness of communications and work flow within Club and District Support global project teams.
Internal Collaboration
  • Create regional team with Annual Giving Officer, Regional Membership Officer, Major Gift Officer, and Regional Grant Officer, by sharing knowledge, collaborating on strategy and reinforcing regional communications.
  • Regional Membership Officers: Share knowledge of strong clubs, membership best practices, and cultivation of relationships with key senior rotary leaders in the region.
  • Annual Giving Officers and Major Gifts Officers: Provide reports and information to help with annual fund and major gift goal setting and donor cultivation.
  • Senior Leader Support: Provide support and guidance to senior leader staff
  • Corporate Governance: Update policy and resolve issues related to Rotary’s governance documents.
  • Legal Services: Confirm Rotary policy in cases where policy contradicts itself.
  • Licensing: Work with vendors and Rotarians to police issues related to use of Rotary Marks.
  • Stewardship: Communicate cases of possible misconduct by district leadership.
  • Council on Legislation: Review, interpret and communicate changes to Rotary constitutional documents and Board policy that impact club and district operations.
  • Youth Exchange: Identify possible misconduct issues.
  • Learning & Development: Provide publication review, assist in creation of governor training, and host webinars for clubs and district team training.
  • Secretariat Projects: Participate in cross-divisional projects as assigned, serving as adviser or subject matter expert identifying impacts to club and district leaders.
  • Regional Grant Officers: Connect club and district leaders to grant opportunities.
  • Accounts Payable: Request payments and ensure their timely and accurate receipt.
  • Accounts Receivables: Confirm financing of district governor funding.
  • Information Services: Provide consultation and guidance related to business processes, online tools, and regional differences.
  • Web Operations: Report user feedback from club, district, and zone leader consumers.
  • Data Services: Resolve data integrity issues and clarify policy.
  • Financial Business Support: Propose annual governor funding budget and ensure accuracy of governor funding accounts.
  • Public Relations: Mitigate exposure to negative publicity for the organization.
  • Global Communications: Provide feedback on the content of training materials, online content, and other club and district publications to ensure accuracy and relevance.
  • Marketing: Create and deliver online tool resources to club and district leaders.
  • Magazines: Resolve subscription and delivery issues with regional magazines.
  • Strategy Research and Evaluation: Facilitate tracking, collection, and analysis necessary to evaluate district governor funding and district governor satisfaction.
  • Regional Leader Support: Ensure Rotary Coordinators, Rotary Public Image Coordinators, and Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinators are effectively trained on Rotary’s suite of online tools and kept informed about any pending policy matters in their region.
  • Rotary Support Center: Collaborate on escalated service recovery and issue resolutions.
Other Duties
  • Contribute to and draft Board items as assigned.
  • Serve as staff liaison to Rotary committees and meetings as assigned.
  • Develop and implement other projects as assigned.
Budget Responsibility
  • Prepares annual $3M budget for Rotary funding for district governors.
  • Reviews district governor spending using autonomy to ensure proper use of funds according to Rotary policy.
  • Authorizes issuance of individual district governor payments ranging from $5K - $50K.
Internal Contacts
Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Corporate Governance, Data Services, Fund Development, Global Communications, Information Services, Learning and Development, Legal Services, Licensing, Marketing, Magazines, Membership Development, Public Relations, Grants, Regional Leader Support, Rotary Support Center, Senior Leader Support, Stewardship, Strategy, Research and Evaluation, Web Operations, Youth Exchange, Financial Business Support, Secretariat Projects, Council on Legislation
External Contacts
RI president and president-elect; RI directors, TRF trustees, past senior officers, regional leaders and their assistants; district governors (nominees, elects, current and past), district executive secretaries, district secretaries, district trainers, district finance committee chairs, assistant governors; club presidents (incoming, current, past), club secretaries, club membership chairs; current, former and prospective Rotarians; members of the public; club and district software providers and other vendors.
Equipment Used
PC and laptop, Microsoft software (Office, SharePoint, Skype), video conference equipment, GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar, multi-function device (copier/scanner), LCD projector, telephone, and calculator.

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