Position:  Juvenile Corrections Officer - Intake Clerk (1693-40)
Location:  Cincinnati, OH
Job Id:  1693-40
# of Openings:  4

Juvenile Corrections Officer - Intake Clerk (1693-40) 
Deadline to Apply: November 14, 2018
Work Location:
Youth Center
2020 Auburn Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219
Work Hours: 40 Hours/Week (Various Shifts) 
Starting Salary: $15.00 per hour 
NOTE: Applicants for positions with Hamilton County Juvenile Court are subject to background screening in accordance with the document, "Offenses that May Disqualify Candidates for Employment." Convictions from this list may disqualify a candidate for employment with Hamilton County Juvenile Court.
Hamilton County Juvenile Court is an Equal Opportunity Employer. A copy of the Equal Employment Opportunity Plan Short Form is available to any person upon request. Please contact the Human Resources Department at 513-946-9238.
Requirements (Education, Experience, Licensure, Certification):
  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Must be physically able to provide individual and group control monitoring of residents' behavior.
  • Must have strong communication skills and demonstrated ability to use good judgment.
  • Must be age 21 or older.
  • Must pass extensive background screening process, including a drug screen and polygraph exam.
Preferred Qualifications:
  • One year of work experience with Hamilton County Juvenile Court.
  • Possession of valid driver's license, auto liability insurance preferred.   
Special Working Conditions and/or Hazards:
  • Employees work indoors and are protected from weather conditions or contaminants, but not necessarily occasional temperature changes.
  • Secure correctional facility, with some exposure to unruly and, at time, out-of-control resident populations.  
Job Duties:
  • Decides (with assistance, if needed) if a juvenile's alleged behavior, based on the presented facts, merits the processing of a complaint or issuance of a warrant in accordance with requirements for probable cause, established procedures for complaint processing, the Ohio Constitution, the Ohio Revised Code, and Municipal and Township code provisions.
  • Determines (with assistance, if needed) the appropriateness for Youth Center admission based on various factors, including the facts documented within the complaint, requirements for probable cause, the Ohio Rules for Juvenile Procedures, the Admission Model requirements, override criteria, and the Ohio Youth Assessment System (OYAS).
  • Prepares legal documentation on all complaints filed, including filings requiring immediate action (i.e. emergency orders, etc.) Logs all youth brought in on Non-Secure Release or Unruly status and makes referrals to Lighthouse where possible.
  • Expedites all diversion alternatives available.
  • Completes admissions processing procedures that includes a thorough and complete admissions search; distributes Youth Center clothing; supervises admissions shower process in a safe and secure manner; accurately documents and submits residents' clothing and personal property for storage according to established procedures.
  • Processes all potential Youth Center admissions into JCMS and RCATS databases according to the appropriate intake processes.
  • Interviews youth upon admission to the Youth Center and completes documentation required for the determination and assessment of youth in terms of needs for appropriate care while in residence at the Youth Center.  
  • Provides a safe, secure environment for residents in all direct-care areas of the facility and during outside transports as needed; Manages residents' acting out behavior in a controlled adult manner, in accordance with policy; Emphasizes and models interpersonal communication skills.  
  • Tracks all youth admitted, released, placed in Out-to-Return status, and transferred between units in an ongoing, precise manner to provide an accurate accounting of facility population numbers.
  • Makes proper notification to parents, legal guardians and involved agencies regarding the status of youth being detained and determines appropriate Youth Center Lockup Hearing times according to developed docketing criteria.
  • Permits youth to call and talk to parents, legal guardian, or agency worker and provides documentation of completed notifications.
  • Informs parents, victims, agency workers and law enforcement officers about Juvenile Court and Youth Center procedures.
  • Demonstrates regular and predictable attendance.
Summary of KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES required for the position:
  • Must possess analytical skills/abilities, which include: Ability to analyze presented facts for warrants and/or complaints to determine if enough information is provided to establish probable cause in accordance with the Ohio Constitution, the Ohio Revised Code, and Municipal and Township code provisions; Ability to assess and prioritize departmental needs; Ability to observe, identify and closely monitor unusual or escalating behavior patterns.
  • Must possess clerical/administrative skills/abilities, which include: Strong organizational skills and ability to plan for and coordinate a variety of tasks; Ability to take accurate phone messages, read and count; Ability to write legibly and complete documentation as required in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Must possess computer/technical skills/abilities, which include: Ability to operate a personal computer; Ability to enter data into databases in an accurate manner; Ability to operate a walkie-talkie to maintain the security of the facility.
  • Must possess project/process management skills/abilities, which include: Ability to be flexible in terms of prioritizing tasks; Ability to work effectively within time restrictions and the ability to be detail oriented.
  • Must possess written and oral communication skills/abilities, which include: Highly developed communication skills, with ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing; Ability to clearly articulate to law enforcement officers and others about the content of complaints and warrants, identifying and explaining situations in which information is insufficient to establish probable cause; Ability to communicate tactfully and effectively with co-workers, youth, and members of the public; Must have ability to work effectively with co-workers to sustain a team-oriented environment.  
  • Must possess physical skills/abilities, which include: Ability to physically participate in training and use approved physical intervention techniques such as blocks for personal protection, body hold techniques, arm hold techniques, and take downs, when necessary; must be active and ambulatory to respond to need for supervision, monitoring and behavior management. (Ex. A fight between residents).  
  • Must possess knowledge skills/abilities, which include: Knowledge of what constitutes probable cause for detaining youth at the Youth Center; Knowledge of and skill in administering the intake processing procedures; Ability to observe, identify and monitor closely unusual or escalating behavior patterns; Ability to provide auditory and visual monitoring of youth in assigned rooms; ability to open, shut and lock doors.
Hamilton County Juvenile Court is a Drug-Free Workplace

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