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Family Development Services  
Position:  Educational Coaches- Temporary Positions July 2019 – May 2020
Location:  Administration Office, IN
Job Id:  278
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Educational Coaches- Temporary Positions July 2019 – May 2020
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • *Participating in training on Creative Curriculum and on coaching teachers during the 2019-2020 academic year
  • Becoming an expert on the assigned curriculum model as a result of being a part of these training sessions
  • Coaching teachers in their use of an assigned curriculum, using practice-based coaching techniques, including observations of the classroom, providing teachers with constructive feedback, and the opportunity to discuss curriculum implementation and associated classroom issues
  • Coaches will also work with teachers to explain curricular content, concepts, and instructional processes, and to plan for, model and co-teach lessons
  • Monitoring how well teachers adhere to the core principles of the curricular approach using an online data entry system weekly (“coach logs”) and completing fidelity observations at multiple time points
  • Participating in regular meetings (e.g., conference calls, on-site meetings) with trainers, other coaches, VIQI team research staff, and center staff
  • Creating a schedule with teachers and center administrators to ensure coaching sessions and meetings happen on a biweekly schedule per classroom
  • Traveling to and spending time in diverse centers city-wide
  • Assisting with planning and logistics for teacher and assistant teacher trainings on the assigned curricular model (e.g., plan agendas, identify location, order and set up equipment, collect feedback forms, set up training rooms, etc.)
*The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool (6th Edition): A global, whole-child curriculum that promotes multiple school readiness domains. It focuses on creating a positive classroom environment with responsive and supportive teacher-child and peer-to-peer interactions and diverse learning experiences that build on children’s interests. 
Key skills to be successful:
  • Strong Communicator and Listener
  • Knowledgeable about child development and developmentally appropriate classroom and teaching practices
  • Strong relationship-building skills and ability to manage diverse opinions/perspectives
  • Ability to work effectively across multiple teams in a complex project (classroom teachers, program or grantee agency, curriculum developers, research team)
  • The flexibility that can accommodate (a) in-person visits to classrooms, as well as conference calls, at various times throughout the week and at the beginning and end of the school day, and (b) attendance at scheduled trainings multiple times through the course of the year, the first of which will occur prior to the beginning of the school year
Applicants must meet the following basic qualifications for consideration:
  • A bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, Child and Family Studies, Child Development or a related field
  • Experience providing training and coaching to teachers
  • Experience with working in diverse settings
Applicants with the following qualifications are preferred:
  • Experience as a teacher at any grade, with priority consideration for those who have taught 3- and 4-year-olds in early care and education settings
  • Coaching experience
  • Experience with research-based curricular approaches
  • Experience with and commitment to working in early care and education centers with ethnically diverse children, families, and professionals in low-income, urban neighborhoods
  • Demonstrated experience or interest in early childhood education, particularly math and science

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Family Development Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer.