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Position:  Software Engineer Co-Op
Location:  Ft. Thomas, KY
Job Id:  156
# of Openings:  1

Title: Software Engineer Co-op
Studio: Corporate
Reports To: Process Innovation Manager
I. Summary
Software coop students are considered to be an integral part of the software development staff and are provided with tasks that are technically challenging and educationally stimulating. Under guidance of senior design and engineering staff, the students will be assigned to ongoing development projects.
II. Essential Duties & Responsibilities
Core Functions
Support the development team through the testing, debugging, annotating, revising, documenting and writing of software source code used for maximizing business process and engineering efficiencies and as well as customer service and product quality.
General Duties
  • Working knowledge of miscellaneous office equipment technology such as phones, copiers, plotters, scanners and computers.
  • Willingness to accept responsibility and accountability.
  • On time and dependable.
  • Keep accurate records of billable time and submits timesheets on time.
  • Completes tasks thoroughly and on time.
  • Effectively understands and can reiterate technical information.
  • Understand and follows company structure.
  • Understands and follows department standards and procedures.
  • Working with Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Testing of software written by development team members.
  • Authoring unit-test modules for automated code performance validation.
  • Updating of existing and new code modules, adding annotations, attributes.
  • Authoring software for bench-mark testing.
  • Develop preliminary sketches or schematics, layouts, details, and/or drawings.
  • Participating a contributing and communicating member of development team.
  • Other duties as deemed appropriate and relevant to the effective production of the team.
General Expectations for all Co-ops
  • Demonstrate acceptance of responsibility; communicate opening, proactively and honestly; show pride in work performed; demonstrate flexibility in acceptance of assignments and schedules; maintain professional behavior and appearance; exhibit dependability and act professionally.
  • Sign a binding Non-Disclosure agreement restricting disclosure of confidential business information and trade secrets which will be disclosed in the performance on duties.
III. Supervisory Responsibilities
IV. Qualifications
  • Student candidate must be attending technical college or enrolled in an 4 year college seeking a bachelor’s degree or higher in Programming, Computer Science and Engineering, Data Sciences, Information Technology, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering.
  • Mathematically competent and either has studied or is studying collegiate level physics, calculus or statistics. Minimum GPA of 2.8
  • Previous programming experience is a plus.
  • Experience with Microsoft Visual Studio, VB.NET and C# are a plus.
Communication Skills
  • Verbal – Speaks clearly, listens attentively.
  • Written – Writes clearly and legibly.

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