Position:  Youth Peer Specialist
Location:  Birmingham, AL
Job Id:  771
# of Openings:  0

Youth Peer Specialist
Normal Work Hours/Days:  Varied schedule based on needs of youth/young adults served     
NOVA provides treatment for individuals ages 15-25 who are experiencing a first episode of psychosis.  Youth Peer Specialists will be expected to work with the NOVA team to address the critical domains of functioning for youth/young adults, to include working, learning, living, belonging and healing through a strengths-based individualized team process that facilitates progress and strengthens resiliency.                                                                            
  • Participate in one-on-one meetings with supervisor to discuss ideas, difficulties, suggestions, and expectations.
  • Participate as an equal and active member of the multi-disciplinary team
  • Attend treatment team meetings with the youth/young adult to promote the individual’s use of self-directed advocacy goals.
  • Promote self-determination, recovery, resilience, self-advocacy, and self-direction.   Assist the youth/young adult in identifying strengths, wellness goals, setting objective, goal planning and identifying barriers.
  • Facilitate small groups. Groups to be made of 3-5 individuals and focus on topics related to recovery: Coping Techniques, Health Teaching, Spirituality, and Social Interaction.
  • Plan and research for small groups and interest activities.
  • Facilitate interest activities. Activities should be centered on the interest of the group of individuals. Activities should be voluntary and can be used as a reward. The activities must be done in the wards and can be on any topic.
  • Participate in one-one-one relationship building with youth/young adults. Activities to be done in the community.
  • Provide intensive support through a personalized balance of social, recreational, skill teaching and linkage development services for individual relationships with youth/young adults.
  • Facilitate understanding between client and clinician.
  • Give alternate, experienced based points of view.
  • Provide accurate documentation as stipulated by program demands
  • Other tasks assigned by supervisor.
High School Diploma or GED required.
Must have lived experience with a mental illness.
Must become certified as a Certified Peer Specialist by completing DMH-approved training(s).
Must understand and endorse a recovery-oriented approach to providing services.
  • Must be dependable.
  • Must be teachable and honest.
  • Ability to share skills and knowledge with others
  • Ability to use one’s experiences with mental illness/addiction in a manner that is thoughtfully delivered to ensure youth/young adults are not negatively influenced but empowered and motivated toward a healthy lifestyle.
  • Must be able to connect to youth/young adults.
  • Must be a good role model and be in active recovery for their own mental illness.
  • Should have a personal vehicle readily available to use.
  • Should be energetic and passionate.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with a multi-disciplinary team
  • Should be open to job requirements and have the ability to facilitate groups and activities.
  • Should be available to work afternoon/early evening hours or weekend hours based on needs of the youth/young adults.
  • Should be flexible, adaptable, integrative, and creative.


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