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Position:  Flight RN
Location:  Minneapolis, MN
Job Id:  103
# of Openings:  5

Life Link III was formed more than 30 years ago as one of the first non-profit consortiums in the country to transport critically ill patients by helicopter. Our Life Link III Consortium is a great model of collaboration, bringing together ten leading healthcare systems in the Midwest.  Because Life Link III has always focused on clinical excellence, we continually embrace and introduce new technologies into our critical care medical transport practice. Today we operate seven helicopter bases: six in Minnesota (Alexandria, Blaine, Brainerd, Cloquet, Hibbing, and Willmar), and one in Wisconsin at Rice Lake. The Company plans to open its 8th base in Marshfield, WI in 2018.  We provide rapid on-scene emergency response and inter-facility transport via helicopter and airplane for patients requiring critical care. Life Link III’s transportation services are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transportation Services (CAMTS), ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety are met.
We are hiring for Flight Registered Nurses.
Flight Registered Nurse
Job Summary:

Provides clinical care to patients being transported or being prepared for transportation and assists other medical facilities personnel with procedures as requested.  Assesses, plans, implements and evaluates care to patients transported by air ambulance. Provides care as directed by the Life Link III Medical Directors, medical control physicians and patient physician.  Renders patient care based on the ability to anticipate need(s), assess status, formulate an action plan, implement care and assess the effectiveness of interventions.

Contributes to meeting the mission and goals of Life Link III. Meets the requirements of the Medical Director(s), the management team, and applicable federal, state and local regulatory or accrediting agencies.  Assists as necessary to ensure the safety of crew members, patients and others who are in and around the air ambulances including but not limited to Life Link III staff, ride along guests, hospital and EMS personnel.  Ensures vehicle and equipment readiness for patient transports.

Minimum Qualifications:
  • Current MN and WI RN Licenses (both required at time of hire)
  • Current Certifications:  ACLS;  BCLS;  PALS or ENPC;  BTLS, TNCC, FNATC or ATLS;  CFRN
  • NRP Preferred
  • 3 years of experience in adult ICU, CCU or ED
  • Must pass mandatory post-offer drug/isokinetic/background/criminal record screening tests and all other hiring contingencies
  • Clinician must weigh 230 pounds or less (including uniform & boots)

Summary Description of Physical Job Duties:  In a typical 12-hour work shift the employee may have 2-4 transport runs.  During this shift the employee will sit approximately 7-8 hours, stand up to 2 hours and walk up to 2 hours.

Employees arrive at a location by means of aircraft (rotary or fixed wing) to transport patients as requested (approximately 80% of transports are scheduled, 20% are emergency) and may need to administer Basic (BLS) or Advanced (ALS) life support to the patient during transport.

The employee may sit in cramped quarters inside the aircraft.  Employees must climb in/out of the aircraft, lift medical supplies, equipment and various devices to move and secure patients into/out of the aircraft (sled, baby pod, isolette, etc.).  Team lifts are used for most patients weighing up to about 250 pounds and additional lifting help is required if the lift is over 250 pounds (additional lifting assistance may be requested if the team feels it is needed).

In emergency transport situations at a scene, employees may encounter: uneven or slippery terrain, traffic congestion, changeable weather conditions (heat, cold, snow, rain, sleet, etc.).  Employees working at base locations must be able to use a computer (desktop or laptop) and telephone.

Required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Sturdy work boots, flight suit with high visibility markings, flight helmet - (includes radio communication equipment and eye protection) and may also be fitted with night vision goggles and battery pack, various types of gloves. Additional jacket and/or high visibility garments may be required depending on conditions.

The maximum weight of any individual clinician is 230 pounds while dressed in flight uniform and boots/shoes.

(Ranking Identification: Not at all; Rarely  <10%; Occasionally 11-33%; Frequently 34-66% and Continuously 67-100%)
0-20 lbs.: Continuously
21-51 lbs.: Frequently
51-100 lbs.: Occasionally
131-150 lbs.:  Occasionally
Team Lift 151-250: Rarely
Life with arms extended: Rarely
Reach/lift above shoulder: Occasionally
Reach/lift below knees: Occasionally
Squat/kneel: Occasionally
Repeated Push/pull: Occasionally

Climbing stairs/ladders: Occasionally
Climbing in/out of aircraft: Occasionally
Bend/twist neck: Occasionally
Bend/twist waist: Occasionally
Stand/walk: Occasionally
Sit: Frequently
Walk on uneven terrain: Occasionally

Drive motor vehicle: No

UPPER EXTREMITY TASKS - Both Left and Right Extremities
(Ranking Identification: Not at all; Rarely <10%; Occasionally 11-33%; Frequently 34-66% and Continuously 67-100%)
Grasp light: Occasionally
Grasp Firm/heavy: Occasionally
Pincher Grasp: Occasionally
Keyboard/Write: Occasionally
Repetitive Wrist Motion: Occasionally
Fine Manipulation: Occasionally

Job Environment:
Environment includes and is not limited to the physical demands of lifting, transferring patients and carrying medical equipment.  The transport environment may be indoors or outdoors in any type of weather.   The ground and air ambulance are noisy and fumes may be present.  High and low frequency vibrations are present in all vehicles.

Patient Services
Essential Job Functions:
  • Provides Leadership to other members of the patient care team within the transport environment. 
  • Demonstrate ability to communicate effectively with team members, medical control and other health care staff involved in patient care.
  • Demonstrates the ability to assess, plan care, intervene and evaluate outcomes.
  • Safely and effectively transports critically ill and/or injured patient(s).
  • Demonstrates familiarity with and implements Life Link III medical protocols when appropriate for patient(s).
  • May perform or coordinate other team members performance of the following procedures or activities:
    • Critical care patient assessment and management.
    • Complex intravenous infusion calculation mixing and pharmacological support.
    • Airway assessment and management including but no limited to:
      • Basic airway assessment and management including positioning, suctioning, bag valve mask, and combi-tube placement.
      • Advanced airway management including rapid sequence induction, endotracheal intubations and surgical airways.
    • Invasive procedures and advanced cardiac life support measures including, but not limited to:
      • Intravenous catheter insertion.
      • Needle chest decompression
      • Pericardiocentesis.
      • Intraosseous needle placement.
      • Cardiac pacing: internal pacer generator or external pacer operation.
    • Hemodynamic monitoring set up and management including:
      • Swan-Ganz, arterial line, central venous pressure, and intra-cranial pressure monitoring lines, intra-aortic balloon pumping, and transducer set-ups.
      • Wave form and pressure interpretation and intervention.
      • System trouble shooting.
      • Understanding of pharmacological interactions.
    • Effectively interfaces with specialty teams, including communications and equipment
      • Provides guidance to specialty teams to maintain a safe transport environment.
      • Assists specialty teams with patient care at their direction.
      • Provides additional support as requested by specialty teams.
Equipment and Supply Responsibility
Non-essential Job Function:
  • Assist with the evaluation and procurement of new equipment, changes in design or application of existing equipment.
Education Responsibility
Essential Job Functions:
  • Assume responsibility for Maintenance of Education Requirements as specified by the Life Link III Medical Directors.
  • Assume responsibility for maintenance of regular education and records to maintain required license and/or certifications.
Non-essential Job Functions:
  • Assists in educational projects as requested by the education staff and as authorized by a department head.
Human Resources Compliance
Essential Job Functions:
  • In conjunction with all Life Link III employees, ensures a non-hostile, safe, work environment for each other and Life Link III customers.
  • Remains aware and compliant with Life Link III policies and procedures within the department.
  • Effectively communicates issues and concerns, serving as a leader, role model and mentor.
Quality and Compliance Responsibility
Essential Job Functions:
  • Demonstrates safety in the work environment including, but not limited to:
    • Loading, unloading and transferring patients with the assistance of other transport personnel.
    • Emergency egress procedures and vehicle emergency procedures.
    • Monitoring, directing and briefing all ride along guests.
    • Identifying and responding promptly to safety issues that become apparent.
  • Assures transport readiness at all times, including but not limited to vehicle and equipment readiness, restocking of supplies, cleaning and disinfecting of the vehicles and equipment.
  • Completes all required documentation in a professional and legible manner, including but not limited to run reports and transport readiness records.
Non-essential Job Functions:
  • Participate in duties to assure the base remains a clean environment.
  • Responsible for quality improvement input (Effort must be made to continuously improve key processes identified by the company).
  • Participates in research projects as requested (e.g. new product testing, data collection, etc.).
Public Relations and Customer Service
Essential Job Functions:
  • Demonstrates a continual awareness and use of positive interpersonal communications and public relations skills in supporting the philosophy, mission, and quality of Life Link III.
  • Maintains effective working relationships with member hospitals and their representatives, with supervisors and managers with the organization and Life Link III employees.
  • Represents Life Link III in community settings.
Non-essential Job Functions:
  • Facilitates marketing activities as requested and authorized by a department director.
    • Identifies and addresses problems or concerns in a timely manner.
    • Provides hospital, EMS and law enforcement services information regarding the services of Life Link III.
    • Ensures that a follow up call and follow up letter are generated according to organization standards.
Performs other duties and functions as assigned by the management staff.

Special Note:
Life Link III reserves the right to change or modify job duties at any time, as the need of business requires.  This job description does not constitute any form, expressed or implied, of a contract with the incumbent.

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