Position:  General Manager, Flight Operations Training
Location:  Minneapolis, MN
Job Id:  639
# of Openings:  1

Job Purpose:
The General Manager, Flight Operations Training (GMFOT) is responsible for the administration of all ground, simulator and flight training given to Compass Airlines flight crewmembers. The GMFOT reports directly to the Director of Operations. The GMFOT must maintain a close working relationship with the Director SOC, System Chief Pilot, Manager Flight Standards, Manager of Instructor Standards, Manager Flight Operations and the Manager AQP. Ensure that the highest degree of safety, quality, security and integrity will be maintained at all times.
Job Qualifications:
  • At least 3 years’ experience as pilot in command of a large airplane operated under part 121 or part 135.
  • 3-5 years of related work or professional experience in airline training or related areas.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Hold an airline transport pilot certificate with appropriate ratings for at least one of the airplanes used in Compass’ operation.
  • AQP Experience or familiarity is strongly preferred.
Job Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities
  • The Manager, Flight Operations Training will be highly knowledgeable of all company operation manuals, maintenance supplements, operations specifications, the company training manuals, aircraft operating manuals, and any other items which will provide a quality training department.
  • Be rated and have completed the “Initial Training” course in at least one type of aircraft operated by Compass Airlines (which includes Basic Indoctrination). While not mandatory, the Manager, Flight Ops Training should maintain aircraft currency and must attend Recurrent Ground School annually.
  • To the extent of their responsibilities, have a full understanding of the following materials with respect to the certificate holder's operation:
    1. Aviation safety standards and safe operating practices;
    2. 14CFR Chapter I, 49CFR (parts 171-180), 49CFR (parts 1500-1560), and NTSB 830;
    3. The certificate holder's operations specifications;
    4. All appropriate maintenance and airworthiness requirements of the parts of 14CFR (e.g., parts 1, 21, 23, 25, 43, 45, 47, 65, 91, and 121); and
    5. The manual required by 14CFR 121.133;
  • Airline training experience to include training development and conduct of training.
  • Experience or familiarity in developing training programs across disciplines (e.g. Pilot, Flight Attendant, Dispatch and/or Technical Operations, DOD etc).
  • Experience as a trainer of an airline discipline.
  • Must be able to use a PC and have an understanding of Microsoft office computer products, such as MS Word, Excel Spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Should be comfortable with public speaking, presenting, and addressing a large group of people, including executive-level audiences, Company employees, industry professionals, and regulatory/government agencies (i.e. FAA, DOD, etc).
  • Must be a self-starter with strong organizational skills.
Job Specifics
Specific duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Specifically, responsible for oversight, development and execution of all aspects of Compass Airlines regulatory training programs to ensure that the highest standard of training is presented. This would include all new hire, recurrent, and any other required training conducted in compliance with applicable CFRs. Collaborates with various regulatory organizations, external stakeholders and internal operational and airworthiness groups in the fulfillment of these duties.
  • Work closely with the Director of Operations, Director SOC, Director of Crew Resources, and System Chief Pilot, to ensure all company policies, procedures and CFRs are adhered to. Ensure that training is conducted in accordance with company policy and CFRs. Such training must be adequate to provide for the continuous development of the qualifications of the personnel within the Flight Operations, Dispatch and Crew Scheduling Departments.
  • Will periodically review all Training Manuals to assure that they meet the needs of the Company and comply with CFRs. When necessary, will coordinate changes to the Training Program Manuals in conjunction with departmental Directors. Will act as liaison to the company’s FAA Principal Operations Inspector, helping to develop mutually acceptable policies, procedures and training programs.
  • Will review the submitted Flight Operation’s written report, indicating the current status of each employee’s training due (initial, recurrent, etc.) and ensure all required training is scheduled.
  • Responsible for the preparation of cost predictions for the Training Department. Semi-annually prepare and submit a budget to the Director of Operations to support departmental activities.
  • Meet with the Manager Flight Standards, Instructor Standards to review failure trends and make any necessary changes to the Pilot Training Program to maintain quality control.
  • In the absence of the Manager Flight Standards performs necessary functions to assure the continued operation of the Flight Standards Department.
  • Ensure that all Flight Crews are trained in accordance with the desired objectives and FAA requirements (including distance learning and written exams) and that training is conducted as required by applicable CFRs and the FAA Approved Flight Operations Training Manual (FOTM). Has the authority to create and modify or supervise the creation and modification of all Flight Operations training programs.
  • Notify appropriate Department Directors when students complete or fail to complete required training.
  • Direct oversight and scheduling of the flight, simulator and ground instructors in their particular fleet.  
  • The purchasing and scheduling of simulator time, as well as maintaining a record of simulator time used.  
  • Scheduling of ground school, simulator training and flight training for students assigned to their fleet. 
  • Maintains a list of all instructors that include the following: (a) name, (b) equipment (c) position.
  • Ensures the Flight Ops Training Department has an adequate staff of properly qualified Ground and flight Instructors, and support staff for each aircraft type operated.
  • Oversees selection process for new Instructors and supervises the Flight Instructors, Ground Instructors and Simulator Instructors, ensuring that they are current and qualified for the positions for which they are assigned to instruct, and provides a list of Approved Instructors to the CHDO as changes occur.
  • Monitor training facilities, training devices and courseware for currency and appropriate content.
  • Assists with AQP data collection, management and analysis including the development and presentation of the CPS Annual AQP Report.  Will include program recommendations based upon that analysis.
  • Ensures training programs are audited to ensure that they are in accordance with appropriate FARs and company guidance.
  • Stop training if company policies, procedures, FAR requirements and/or safety are being compromised.
  • Coordinate with the Manager of Safety to track trends in crew performance and make recommendations to the Director of Operations.
  • Counsel subordinates on all aspects of their jobs, conduct hearings with subordinates, the FAA and ALPA on operational and disciplinary issues.  Make judgments concerning complex issues requiring consistency, fairness and a positive impact on safe flight operations.
  • Will attend industry meetings and network with other airline officials, as duties allow, remaining current on pertinent industry events and practices.
  • Participate on the Emergency Response Team.
  • Performs other duties assigned by the Director Flight Operations.
  • This is an SMS safety related position who has the responsibility for making appropriate risk assessments and decision making to achieve acceptable levels of Safety.
Work Environment:
  • Primary work is conducted in an office environment.
  • Occasional participation in crew training devices may be required.
  • Some travel may be required, occasionally on weekends and holidays. 
  • Occasional travel between Compass Headquarters at MSP and Compass Training Center in Eagan, MN and occasional travel between the Training Center and remote Recurrent Ground school site LAX is required.
Job Description Disclaimer:
This job description reflects management’s assignment of essential functions; it does not prescribe or restrict the tasks that may be assigned.

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