Position:  Airline Maintenance Control Supervisor
Location:  St. Louis, MO
Job Id:  135-001
# of Openings:  1


GoJet Airlines is a premier regional airline operating on behalf of United Airlines and Delta Airlines.  GoJet has a reputation for excellence in the regional airline industry, thanks to the outstanding efforts put forth each day by our exceptional team. Each day, our people demonstrate our unwavering commitment to providing safe, reliable and on-time air transportation, and to delivering the highest standards in professionalism and customer service.  We take employee satisfaction seriously and work hard to make GoJet a place where people want to build long-term careers.  We believe that talented employees should be rewarded, and we promote from within whenever possible.  GoJet offers an outstanding benefits package, including health and dental insurance, a 401(k)-retirement plan, and airline travel benefits.
Minimum Qualification Requirements:
  1. 5 years aircraft maintenance experience
  2. 2 years experience in a supervisory position
  3. Satisfactory completion of all company related training
  4. A&P certification
  5. Airworthiness Release certification
  6. Must relocate to the St. Louis, Missouri area
Note: Any exceptions to the above must be approved by interviewing manager(s).
Duties and Responsibilities:
The Maintenance Control Supervisor reports to the Manager of Maintenance Control and is responsible for:
  1. Coordinating with Flight Control, Dispatch, Line Station Maintenance, Director od Maintenance and other technical services required to support maintenance operations (GMM1 CH3 Part 1.8)
  2. Maintaining a current operating status of all aircraft (GMM1 CH3 Part 1.8 A 3).
  3. Monitoring status of aircraft undergoing maintenance repair and advising flight operations of status.
  4. Notifying the Chief Inspector of any aircraft that returns to field, aborts takeoff, has an unscheduled landing, reporting altitude keeping errors for RVSM, or declares an emergency (Form MX-032) (GMM1 CH3 Part 1.8 A 7, GMM2 CH19).
  5. Ensure that new/junior maintenance controllers are closely supervised until task proficiency is adequately demonstrated.
  6. Train new maintenance controllers.
  7. Coordinate with maintenance planning depart to maximize fleet utilization.
  8. Assist controller with identifying and tagging repeat maintenance.
  9. Ensure controllers are identifying and scheduling scheduled inspections (LC-1, LC-2, Short Term ADs).
  10. Ensure maintenance providers utilized are on the on-demand maintenance list and that the individual mechanic is properly trained for tasks being preformed.
  11. Ensure that aircraft potable water systems testing positive for coliforms are deactivated within 24 hours per the MEL and communicated deactivation/reactivation of potable water systems as required per GMM (GMM2 CH11).
  12. Assist maintenance controllers with ferry flights ensure form MX-017 is accurate (FMX CH3).
  13. To have in their possession the appropriate and current certificate for which they are they are exercising the privileges (GMM1 CH3 Part 1.7)
  14. Assist maintenance controllers on completion of necessary forms to obtain approval for MEL extensions, short term escalations and obtain appropriate approval(s).  (GMM1 CH3 Part 1.8 B5, GMM1 CH4 Part 6 B, MEL Sec 14.8)
  15. Authorizing and assigning duties to Maintenance staff.
  16. Ensuring technician compliance for the Maintenance Log Recording requirements.
  17. Ensuring that any designated inspector utilized during his/her shift is authorized to complete assigned inspections.
  18. Ensure potable water servicing department equipment is maintained per GMM and maintain file SWDA-02 forms for 5 years (GMM2 CH11).
  19. Maintenance Supervisors and Supervising Managers are responsible to inspect toolboxes of all New-Hire personnel at the time of their arrival for personally owned tools that require calibration (GMM 1-4).
Note:  This above is a summary of the duties and responsibilities for this position.  Specific programs within the GoJet manuals may contain additional duties, responsibilities, and authority for that specific program or may vary as directed by the Director of Maintenance.
Other Requirements:
Included in position but not limited to:
  1. General administrative duties are also part of the role and prioritized time management will be crucial.
  2. Must possess a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office, specifically Excel and Outlook.
  3. Must have an outstanding attendance record in present position.
  4. Must have an above average performance in present position.
  5. Must be someone with dedication and a high level of motivation.  Must be able to function independently and think outside the box.
  6. Must be able to work efficiently in stressful situations meeting deadlines.
  7. Must possess excellent communication skills.
  8. Must be able to read and comprehend moderately complex technical material well enough to recognize and correct errors.
  9. Must have effective interpersonal and organizational skills.
  10. Must be able to multi-task; be flexible and adaptable as deadlines shift and work from many work areas.
  11. Must be able to interact with management and customers in a professional manner.
  12. Must be able to anticipate upcoming needs on recurrent tasks.
  13. Must be able to manage time and priorities effectively.
  14. Must be able to generate and maintain accurate records and action summaries.
Job Description Disclaimer:
This job description reflects management's assignment of essential functions; it does not prescribe or restrict the tasks that may be assigned.

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