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Position:  Certified Nursing Assistant
Location:  Adrian, MI
Job Id:  106
# of Openings:  25

Certified Nursing Assistant
JOB TYPE: Full time and Part-time
SHIFT: All shifts 
JOB SUMMARY: Performs direct elder care under the supervision of a professional nurse.  Assists the household in daily programs for the elders. Occasionally may be assigned housekeeper or dietary duties.
SKILLS, EXPERIENCE & EDUCATION REQUIRED: Nursing assistant course from a state approved program. Competency evaluated, tested and registered with the State of Michigan. High school graduate or GED required. Food handling training.
RESPONSIBILITIES/ WORK PERFORMED: (List is not all-inclusive nor is it expressed in order of importance).
  1. Attend to elders personal hygiene needs including but not limited to: bathing (tub, shower, and bedside), perineal care, washing & grooming hair, nail cleaning & trimming, oral hygiene, denture care, shaving, and dressing. Organize equipment and supervise those elders able to care for their own needs. Provide care for those unable. Apply lotions and ointments as directed by the nurse.
  2. Attend to all elder’s elimination needs per care plan. Observe and record elder voiding or defecation; report any elimination problems elder may be having.  Collect urine and stool specimens as directed.                                               
  3. Record/chart on hygiene sheets, assignment sheet B.M. sheets, Intake and Output on elder’s’ chart. Obtain and record vital signs as directed
  4. Transfer or assist in transferring elder’s from bed to chair, wheelchair, geri chair, stretcher and vice versa utilizing transfer belts or mechanical lifts and position properly.
  5. Assist and/or supervise elders in ambulation as directed by nurse. Perform range of motion and/or Restorative programs for designated elders per careplans.                                                                                                                                  
  6. Change bed linen on a regular basis and whenever needed. Use air mattresses, foam pads, lamb’s wool, blankets, etc. as directed.
  7. Clean any spills or soiling by elders, visitors or staff as soon as it is seen.
  8. Apply anti-embolism restraints, geri gloves, splints and other equipment as directed.
  9. Perform post-mortem care with dignity and respect.
  10. Participate in Elder’s Care Conferences and contribute any pertinent information concerning elders.
  11. Must be familiar with and practice Residents Bill of Rights.
  12. Must attend a minimum of 12 mandatory in-service meetings per year and attend meetings as assigned.
  13. Follow universal precautions and proper infection control techniques at all times.  Wash hands after every procedure and between elder’s care.
  14. Report safety hazards and emergency situations immediately. Report any equipment not in proper working order.
  15. Report unusual problems or incidents as well as failure of fellow employees to adhere to established policies and procedures.
  16. Demonstrate consistent ability to work cooperatively with elders and visitors Nurses, Elder Care Providers, Physicians, Families, Consulting Personnel, Ancillary Services and Surveyors.
  17. Answer call lights promptly. Answer telephone when necessary.
  18. May be required to stay over for oncoming shift if staffing problems should arise.
  19. Schedule, and lead, and participate in elder activities including learning circles.  Visit with elders who cannot or will not attend activities.   
  20. Accountable for compliance to Federal, State and local regulation within the control of Resident Service Aide.
  21. Maintains a clean activities space, cupboards, appliances, storage room and activities equipment. Also maintain pantry, utility rooms, shower rooms, nurse’s stations, supply room, carts and equipment as assigned.
  22. Order all activities supplies through Household Coordinator.
  23. Accompanies elders on community outings and transfers elders into vehicles.
  24. Provides proper care for facility pets.
  25. Housekeeping duties in the household as assigned.
  26. Handling and preparation of food and fluid in accordance with sanitary regulations to meet meal schedules. For example take temperatures of food, and refrigerate as directed and record.
  27. Storage of perishable foods and avoidance of food waste.
  28. General household kitchen cleaning duties when assigned.
  29. May be involved in a ‘special event” for elders and/or employees.
  30. Attend to elders nutritional needs. Wash elders face and hands, take to appropriate dining area and place clothing protector or napkin prior to each meal. Deliver correct meal to elders and assist in preparing to eat (cut meat, open cartons, etc.). Assist elders requiring it. Observe and record elder’s appetite and report changes in appetite to nurse. Pass drinking water. Provide interval feedings as ordered.  Weigh elders as scheduled.
  31. May grind or puree food stuffs.
  32. Fill/complete a food requisition and make deliveries to another department as assigned. May be assigned preparation of elders snacks.

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