Position:  Machine Operator
Location:  Kentwood, MI
Job Id:  183
# of Openings:  0

Machine Operator 2:
Position Description and Purpose:
To perform assigned daily quality tasks throughout the site while enforcing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), Food Safety Standards, Customer Requirements, and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP).
Key Responsibilities:
  • Food SafetyThe Machine Operator shall enforce that all elements of Food Safety within the plant are being met.
  • HACCP: The Machine Operator will have knowledge of HACCP and line CCPs.
  • GMPs: The Machine Operator will be trained in GMP principles and will assist in maintain that their line is in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices of Roskam Baking Company
Machine Operator 2 Openings:
  1. Kitchen Operators
    • The Kitchen Operator will be responsible for preparing, measuring, and mixing various ingredients used in the production of many products found at your local grocery stores and across the world!
  2. Wheel Room Operators:
    • The Wheel Room Operator is in charge of overseeing the production and quality of waffles produced on industrial sized wheels packed full of griddles. This fast-paced, team orientated position requires you to be comfortable using computers and working in a hot, loud environment.
  3. Wrapper/Bagger Operators:
    • Wrapper Operators are in charge of managing and troubleshooting industrial machines that safely and securely wrap various food products in films. The successful candidate will be detail orientated and able to successful multi-task high speed operations while testing Critical Control Points for the area.
  4. Carton Operators:
    • Carton Operator:Responsible for loading empty cartons on to the machine, the Carton Operator is also responsible for ensuring cartons/boxes are built to customer specifications while clearing and jams that may occur without notice.
  5. Massman/Case Packer Operators:
    • Massman (also known as Case Packer) Operators must be familiar with computers and iPads as they are used in the creation of cases that will be filled with individual cartons of products. Successful candidates will perform quality checks as well as troubleshoot any minor operational issues with the machine.

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