Position:  Production Supervisor
Location:  Kentwood, MI
Job Id:  187
# of Openings:  3

Position Title: Production Supervisor
Reports To: Business Unit Manager/Plant Manager
Position Description and Purpose:
To perform assigned daily tasks throughout the site while enforcing GMP, Food Safety standards, and HACCP Critical Control Points. The Production Supervisor shall communicate directly with all departments in a clear and professional manner any issues that occur during the course of their shift
Key Responsibilities: To perform assigned daily quality tasks throughout the site while enforcing GMP, Food Safety Standards and HACCP Critical Control Points.
  1. Food Safety: The Production Supervisor shall enforce that all elements of Food Safety within the plant are being met.
  2. HACCP: The Production Supervisor will be trained in HACCP and will know what the CCP for their given line.
  3. GMP: The Production Supervisor will be trained in GMP principles and will assist in maintain that their line is in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices of Roskam Baking Company
  4. Production Requirements: The Production Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that all lines operated within the plant obtain the required production standard. The production supervisor must oversee the production of product in a safe manner while maintaining the quality standards set forth by the Company.
  5. Machine Knowledge: The Production Supervisor will need to know how to properly use all pieces of equipment within the plant. This includes the baggers, scales, cartoners, tapers, and all other relevant manufacturing equipment that may apply. The Production Supervisor will have an understanding of how the equipment works and how to do basic troubleshooting in instances where the equipment breaks down.
  6. Training: The Production Supervisor is responsible for making sure that all training for all employees on their shift is being completed in a satisfactory manner. Items to be trained on will include inspection criteria, cleaning practices, safety equipment operation, case/pouch/carton fabrication and GMP policies. The Production Supervisor is also required to be able to carry out all duties of the line foreman.
  7. Labor Management: The Production Supervisor will make sure that all departments within the plant are operating with the correct amount of people that are scheduled. It is up to the Foreman to identify any excess people and to have them sent to the shift coordinator for reassignment. Whenever possible, the Production Supervisor should look for ways to reduce the body count without making compromises to employee safety or finished product quality.
  8. Production Reporting: The Production Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that all reporting for all finished skid production is turned into the data entry department at the end of their shift. The overall accuracy of the production reports are the responsibility of the line foreman but need to be reviewed by the shift supervisor for accuracy.
  9. Paperwork: The Production Supervisor is responsible for relevant production reporting that occurs during their shift. The Production Supervisor is also responsible for filling out any accident or incident report and submitting to the Plant Manager.
  10. Discipline: As required, the Production Supervisor will issue and hand out reprimands to employees that fail to abide by Company guidelines.
  11. Line Cleanup and Inspection: The Production Supervisor will be responsible for the line foreman with assistance from the sanitarian being be able to clean, inspect and know what is involved for a blow down cleanup, a blow down wash, kosher, organic, and a 100% allergen clean up.
  12. Quality Management System: The Production Supervisor will share any discrepancies with the QMS to their supervisor or quality manager. These discrepancies are but not limited to HACCP programs, Allergen Programs, Sanitation Procedures, GMP findings, Foreign Material Findings and HOLD procedures.
  13. General: This position is fast paced and requires basic math and reasoning skills. The production supervisor must be flexible in the hours and days that they work and be available as needed for inter-company work or weekend work as deemed necessary by the Company.
Required and Preferred Qualifications:
  1. Strong knowledge of food processing/packaging operations
  2. Good knowledge of the English language
  3. Solid technical, mechanical, and financial knowledge
  4. Good continuous improvement knowledge
  5. Demonstrated people and team leadership abilities
  6. Strong communication, negotiation, and people management/development skills
  7. Time management
  8. Strong computer skills
  9. Maintenance, Engineering, or other technical backgrounds
  1. Bachelor's degree with preference toward Business, Engineering, or a manufacturing related degree
  2. 5+ year of experience in working in a progressive plant management within the food manufacturing industry
  3. Experience in a Union and Nonunion production environment
Roskam Baking Company offer a competitive compensation package including medical, dental, and vision benefits, life and disability insurance and a 401k plan.

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