Position:  Facilities Manager - Floridays Resort
Location:  Orlando, FL
Job Id:  638
# of Openings:  1

The Facilities Manager will ensure that both the mechanical and physical assets of the property are maintained and kept up to the standards that coincide with the property operations.
  1. To operate the department within the budgeted guidelines (wages, operational expenses).
  2. Maintain the property to always look professional and free from any deficiencies including but not limited to painting, light fixtures and bulb replacement, floor and seating coverings, physical appearance of all assets kept crisp and up-to-date and all grounds and vehicles.
  3. To maintain the physical assets in an effort to meet our standards of operations and to ensue the longevity of the asset and mechanical of the property.
  4. To effectively implement a “Preventative Maintenance Program” (PMP) that ensures that every unit is PM at least once a quarter.
  5. To maintain a PMP log that verifies that each unit has been PM properly and has been inspected.
  6.  To ensure the level of quality with respect to the structures physical and operational requirements.
  7. To ensure that the department has adequate supplies to meet the operational needs.
  8. To ensure that all members of staff have been adequately trained and that they understand their responsibilities, departmental goals and objective.
  9. Maintain the key control system for the department that protects the security of each respective area.
  10. Train staff on the importance of safety to prevent on the job injuries and guests incidents.
  11. Prepare employee schedules according to the business forecast and business demand.
  12. Maintain standards regarding purchase orders, vouching of invoices and payable.
  13. Induct, orient and train assigned personnel to meet their departmental responsibilities.
  14. Operate in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws and government regulations.
  15. Maintain MSDS within the department as required.
  16. Store and maintain all chemicals and other hazardous materials in a safe and proper storage units as required.
  17. Maintain and ensure a high level of professionalism throughout the department and staff.
  18. Ensure that all staff members smile and greet all guests and co-workers.
  19. Train staff to maintain a high level of professionalism when conducting radio communications within the property.
  20. Expedite special projects as requested within the time frame required.
  21. Routinely check public and guest room facilities to ensure the effectiveness of our preventative maintenance program.
  22. Communicate effectively with all departments.
  23. Conduct monthly departmental meetings with staff.
  24. Participate, train and develop staff on all property emergency procedures, that protects both our guests and employees on a day to day basis.
  25. Maintain a safe and secure environment at all times for both the employees and guests.
Job Requirements:
  1. Previous hotel/resort management experience (3-5 years minimum)
  2. Licenses and/or certifications as required by law.
  3. Must know how to swim.
  4. Skilled in systems maintenance and repair.
  5. Skilled in the proper and safe use of all tools, equipment, materials, chemicals and products related to the department.
  6. Thorough knowledge of electrical systems, HVAC, boilers, mechanical systems and the repair and maintenance of all mentioned.
  7. The ability to stand, squat, reach walk and lift for periods at a time.

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