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Position:  2nd SHIFT INSPECTOR
Location:  Cleveland, OH
Job Id:  122
# of Openings:  1

Inspector (aka. Mechanical Inspector)

Department:             Quality Assurance
Reports to:  Quality Assurance Manager or Quality Supervisor
Scope of job:  Inspects precision metal stampings, assemblies, and raw materials at assembly stations, inspection booths, presses, shipping/receiving docks--to ensure conformance to specifications
To meet the minimum requirements of a Quality Inspector you must have all of the following:
I.  Specific knowledge
  • Must know basic quality terms, definitions and concepts.
  • Must know basic statistical terms and techniques, how to plot data and how to recognize out-of-control conditions.
  • Must know the definition of PDCA and understand the team concept.
  • Must understand types of measurement, measurement terminology and the different types of measurement scales.
  • Must know the difference between accuracy and precision and be able to select the appropriate measuring tools and techniques.
  • Must know how to measure using surface plate layouts.
  • Must be able to identify/recognize inspection errors and initiate resolution.
  • Must have basic calibration knowledge.
  • Must be able to read and interpret blueprints and know definitions of critical, major and minor characteristics.
  • Must have a general knowledge of ASME Y14.5M, working knowledge of GD&T, and must understand the x, y, z coordinate system.
  • Must be able to use inspection planning tools and perform a product audit; determine sample size for lots; pull random samples.
  • Must have knowledge of testing methods.
  • Must be able to identify and report nonconforming material.
  • Must understand traceability (product, material and calibration).
  • Must have a strong knowledge of basic mathematical operations and perform measurement conversions; be able to solve for x; add and subtract degrees, minutes, and seconds.
II. Education and/or Experience
  • No less than two years of on-the-job experience in mechanical inspection or a job that routinely performs mechanical inspection  
  • A high-school diploma or GED
       III.  General Skills/ Attributes
       Attentiveness to detail for complex problems
       Communication skills to give and receive detailed information
  • Work in an interactive manufacturing environment requiring ordinary courtesy and some team skills
NOTE:  The above requirements for skills, knowledge and experience will be considered as fully met by successfully completing the requirements of the ASQ Inspector Certification.  Part of the costs of certification may be covered under the Shared Tuition program.
         This position may require compliance with specific physical requirements.
Job Description
Job Responsibilities:
  • Reads blueprints or engineering specifications to obtain product information, such as specified material, surface finish, and dimensions
  • Compares surface of work piece to finish on set of standard blocks making fingertip touch comparison to ensure production of specified surface finish
  • Measures dimensions, such as length, height, and distance between reference points, using precision instruments (such as micrometers, calipers, dial indicator, optical comparator, CMMs, and snap gage) to ensure product meets specifications
  • Locates reference point on part and measures dimensions (angle, arc, and radii) using combinations of aids, such as surface plates, parallel bars, angle plates, gage blocks, V‑blocks, sine bars, and precision measuring instruments
  • Writes finding details on inspection sheets and reports problems to supervisor
  • Tests first-run-parts and set-up and verifies inspection equipment  accuracy
  • Tests hardness of work piece, using hardness testing machine
  • May conduct training for and evaluates initial work of probationary inspectors
  • Performs other customer driven or product driven duties as assigned by Supervisor
Static Balancing:
   Handles parts balancing requests received from customers
   Checks part balance during production run: including first part produced and if it is required in the      production procedure; capability study at any point in production or life of part
   Calibrates static balancer (to an internal computer generated setting) for measurement
   Receives part(s) and uses static balancer to measure the balance of part
   Records data and conducts a capability study to determine if part(s) meets customer’s specifications
   Notifies Director of QA or engineers of defective part(s) 

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