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Position:  Algorithm Development Engineer
Location:  Livonia, MI
Job Id:  394
# of Openings:  0

Position Overview
An engineer with major responsibility for developing BMS algorithms and battery control algorithms, includes State of Charge (SOC), state of Health (SOH), State of Power (SOP), RC models, and Battery Life models.
Primary responsibilities
The primary responsibilities of this position holder include but not limited to:
  • Develop and validate next generation Li-Ion battery system SOC, SOH, SOP algorithms, and cell balancing algorithm
  • Collaborate with cell team for cell level testing and algorithm development activities.
  • Collaborate with BMS system team for algorithm implementation and validation activities
  • Develop test procedures for algorithm development activities, including cell test procedures and model/algorithm validation test procedure
  • Analyze test results and provide project status report to department manager
  • Involve in battery performance and life simulation software development project by providing and implementing BMS and control algorithms into the software
  • Involve in battery cell RC model and life model development and validation process
  • Support root cause analysis and troubleshooting activities for application related issues
  • Effectively communicate his/her findings to internal/external customers using appropriate media.
Specific Skills/Abilities
  • Advanced knowledge in Li-ion battery, battery management system, extended Kalman filter and/or other advanced battery SOC/SOH algorithms.
  • In-depth knowledge and extensive experience in developing RC models and SoC/SoH/SoP algorithm.
  • Sophisticated programming skills using MATLAB and Simulink with a tracking record
  • Working knowledge of hybrid and electric vehicle control strategies
  • Effective communication skills demonstrated by interacting with customers, suppliers and co-workers in a positive and constructive manner.
  • Self-motivated, details oriented, and willingness to learn new technology.
  • Master degree in Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D. is preferred
  • Five years’ experience in SOC/SOH/SOP algorithm research and development activities. Automotive industrial experience in BMS algorithm development is a plus
  • Five years’ experience in using MATLAB and Simulink

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