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Berry Aviation, Inc. San Marcos, Texas

Position:  Fixed Wing Pilot in Command (DHC 8)
Location:  San Diego, CA
Job Id:  176
# of Openings:  4


Serve as Pilot in Command on assigned aircraft for a DOD contract in San Diego, California, providing passenger/cargo transport.

Incumbent will be responsible for the safe and efficient conduct of each flight as assigned.

1.Plan flights as assigned and obtains information regarding purpose of the flight, weather, operating procedures and special instructions
2.Ensure proper preparation of flight plans, considering such factors as altitude, terrain, weather, range, weight, cruise control data, airport facilities and navigational aids
3.Ensure all flights are released in accordance with FAR 135 guidelines and all of the necessary documentation is aboard the aircraft for legal and safe completion of each flight
4.Ensure that required airworthiness inspections have been accomplished and any previous discrepancies have been corrected or properly deferred in accordance with the MEL for that aircraft (as applicable)
5.Complete the aircraft preflight inspection and performs preflight preparation to include a risk assessment for each flight conducted.
6.Complete each flight as assigned by the company/customer, strictly adhering to schedules, routes of flight and load manifests.
7.Ensure that all crew members are practicing CRM and are fully briefed on the particulars for each flight and any changes to original flight plans, passenger or cargo loads or condition of the aircraft and/or operating environment.
8.Communicate routinely with on site management personnel on any issues with regard to safety of flight, maintenance of aircraft, life support, customer concerns or personnel issues.

Experience Requirements:
Have at least one year of experience as a FAR part 135 pilot of an aircraft.
To have at least one year of Government contracting experience

Education Requirements:
Required: High School diploma
Preferred: Undergraduate degree

Unique skills or certifications:
1. Airline Transport pilot certificate with appropriate category and class rating, and appropriate type rating for the aircraft being operated.
2. First class medical certificate
3. 3,000 hours total time. 1,200 multi-engine turbine-time. 2,000 PIC time. 500 PIC multi-engine

Physical requirements of the job:
Incumbent is required to: be able to lift a minimum of 50 Lbs., perform aircraft piloting duties for up to 10 hours a day, be exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions while working outside including but not limited to extreme heat, cold and adverse weather conditions.


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