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Southwest Florida Home Health Care is a locally owned and operated agency which allows us to more readily identify the needs of our patients, employees, referral sources, and communities. We adhere to the mission of making a positive impact on our patients and our employees by providing services and care derived from superior ethical and clinical standards.

We also take pride in our stellar reputation in our industry, but more importantly, among our patients, their families and physicians. Our experienced and empathetic team of nurses, aides and other caregivers are fully dedicated to meeting needs of our patients, assisting them in achieving the highest level of health and function, and respecting their rights, privacy and dignity in the process.


Position:  Home Health Scheduler
Location:  Fort Myers, FL
Job Id:  266
# of Openings:  0

Job Title/Position:    Home Health Scheduling Coordinator
Reports To:               Office Manager/Administrator

Job Description Summary

The Scheduling Coordinator is responsible for the collection of complete and accurate patient information at the time of referral, identifying the physician who will be following the patient and signing the orders for home care, entering the initial order for the patient’s home care services based on the referral, staffing all required disciplines, identifying DME equipment or supplies needed, and tracking existing patients after admission, including those who have been re-admitted to a hospital or other facility during an episode of care.

Essential Job Functions/Responsibilities

  1. Employee is knowledgeable with respect to the agency’s admission criteria and keeps current with changes and updates therein.
  1. Employee is knowledgeable with respect to all of the services that are offered by the agency and is able to communicate effectively with referral sources, patients and their families regarding the services offered.
  1. Employee ensures that all new referrals and requests for additional services are addressed in a timely and complete manner.
  1. Employee communicates immediately with the Administrator and/or Clinical Manager and the referring physician and/or marketer on all referrals who do not meet the agency’s admission criteria.
  1. Employee helps to facilitate referrals to another agency those patients who do not meet the agency’s admission criteria where appropriate (ie: where our agency is not a preferred provider for the source of reimbursement).
  1. Employee utilizes the agency’s referral forms and completely and accurately completes same.
  1. Employee maintains a professional relationship with all referral sources and adheres to the policies and procedures of facilities as they relate to the agency employee’s activities within the facility.
  1. Employee communicates effectively with the Clinical Manager and case manager with respect to patients of the agency who have been admitted to a facility during a home health care episode with our agency, advises the appropriate personnel at the facility that we are currently providing home care for the particular patient, ensures that the facility’s patient record indicates same, and follows up with the patient / family regularly to ensure that they come back to our agency upon discharge.
  1. Employee maintains communication with Administrator working with them on a daily basis to process referrals and provide necessary follow-up.
  1. Employee performs other duties as assigned by the Office Manager or Administrator to assure continuity of care, referral source satisfaction and patient satisfaction.
  1. Willingly functions as part of the healthcare team, demonstrating a positive attitude and support of the agency’s philosophy, mission and goals.
  1. Contributes to and promotes the positive image of the organization and maintains a commitment to professional growth and competence.
  1. Remains compliant with agency policies as outlined in the human resource and compliance manuals.
  1. Direct and control operations and information to maintain sound privacy and security practices and prevent privacy or security breaches. If a privacy or security breach occurs, take corrective action and notify the agency’s Privacy Official.

Position Qualifications

  1. High school graduate
  2. Experience with medical terminology is preferred
  3. Computer literate
  4. Excellent communication skills
  5. Excellent interpersonal skills
  6. Positive attitude
  7. Two (2) years Medicare home health experience preferred

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