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Position:  Catering Assistant
Location:  Boise, ID
Job Id:  866
# of Openings:  1

Looking for a Catering Assistant to join our team!
The catering assistant will be responsible for multiple roles, which will change daily--as such this person must have flexibility in schedule and not have conflicts with transportation.  We need someone who is adaptable to the needs of our clients and to the vision of the catering program, which also supports cafe operations as a whole.  The role is entirely focused on customer service, and as such we are looking for someone with not only experience but an outgoing personality who can grow relationships with our existing clients and seek out new partnerships.
Primary job duties include execution of banquets large and small, from planning to execution to cleanup, with an emphasis on delivering food onsite, including moving large carts up and down long ramps and across long distances.  Basic kitchen skills and an understanding of food safety are necessary; the caterers cook, plate or package, and serve some items, and must have a working knowledge of how foodservice functions--the flow of service, the ability to anticipate guest needs, and the ability and willingness to make last-minute changes as the event dictates.   Computer skills are also a requirement, as all orders are processed online.  Professional correspondence through email is highly sought.  The right candidate will be clean, organized, and responsible.
Catering is lumpy: there are very busy periods, which will require overtime, and other fallow periods.  When catering is slow, and when the needs of the cafe supersede those of the catering department, the caterers provide support in the cafe and Starbucks.

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