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Position:  Sous Chef
Location:  Juno Beach, FL
Job Id:  944
# of Openings:  1

Sous Chef
Juno Beach, FL
Position Summary:
Responsible for the timely preparation & exhibition assembly of fresh quality products.
To ensure all food items are produced in an excellent & consistent manner to meet all menu & customer specifications while having the ability to develop a rapport with the customer.
Supports other kitchen departments/stations/areas with production of cold mise en place as needed.
Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
Primary duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Maintain strict confidence regarding company related matters.
  • Meets attendance guidelines & adheres to regulatory company & departmental policies & procedures.
  • Maintain company uniform & dress codes.
  • Follow directions from Sous Chef/Chef /or FSD regarding other related duties.
  • Maintain strict following of recipes for all food production & products.
  • Must have proficient knife skills.
  • Counts accurate inventory of all items in all food storage areas.
  • Maintains FIFO of freight in assigned areas.
  • Produces menu items by time line requirements.
  • Maintains all HACCP standard operating procedures.
  • Ensures a clean & sanitary work station/area by practicing the clean as your go method. Cleans & whips down tables & utensils before & after each assignment.
  • Maintain all prepared items are labeled with the following information; item inside container, date item is prepped, use by date & initials of person who prepped the item.
  • Performs all cooking methods & preparation methods on proteins, vegetables, starches & other ingredients according to recipe within prescribed time frame to complete all service times for cafĂ© or functions contracts in an accurate & rapid manner.
  • Other duties as directed
  • 2 Years Prior Restaurant Experience helpful
  • 2 Years Prior Hospital experience helpful
  • Professional Kitchen Environment
  • Scratch base cooking
  • Culinary Arts degree a plus

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