Position:  Sprayer ( weekend shift)
Location:  Cincinnati, OH
Job Id:  210
# of Openings:  1

Applies thermal spray coatings to parts in accordance with customer or CTS specification, following process planning. The Thermal Sprayer must be certified for the type of thermal spray process he/she is performing. He/she may also perform support operations that may include any, some, or all of the support tasks such as Mask/Deburr, Grit Blast/Glass Bead, Cleanup/Unmask, Ship/Receive, Inspect, Part Marking; a Thermal Sprayer must also hold Support Operator approvals if performing these operations. The Thermal Spray Work Leader has a secondary function description that forms a part of this primary job description
Supervisory Responsibilities: None
Essential Duties and Responsibilities common to all Thermal Sprayers include the following. See applicable function description for additional items.
  • Obtains CTS certifications for one or more of the following types of thermal spray – certification for each type must be obtained separately:
    • Combustion – applies powder, wire, or ceramic rods using oxy-acetylene gas process
    • Plasma – applies powders using nitrogen or argon primary gases and hydrogen or helium secondary gases electrically charged to a plasma state
    • Hyper velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) – applies powders using high velocity combustion using oxygen and a fuel such as hydrogen, propylene, or kerosene
    • Electric arc - applies wire materials, uses electricity
  • Obtains CTS-approved materials and fixtures for application to product, verifying that the materials match process planning requirements without contradiction.
  • Sets up the booth and spray equipment in accordance with process planning without deviation or verifies that booth and spray equipment already set up complies with process planning.
  • Prepares and coats required test coupons in the same manner as the parts they represent in accordance with process planning; ensures that test coupons are delivered to the lab or inspection and are traceable to the job.
  • Applies the required coating materials to parts in accordance with process planning.
  • Operates automation equipment with some capability for minor adjustments to programs.
  • Operates spray and manipulation equipment in a careful and safe manner in accordance with all CTS, local, state, and federal safety policies.
  • Ensures that all required paperwork is completed and that all required data is recorded.
  • Performs basic preventive maintenance on spray and material feed equipment, ensuring the consumable equipment parts are replaced as needed and that no water or gas leaks exist prior to and during the spray process.
  • Verifies that all equipment used to measure or monitor processes is within calibration frequency and in good working order.
  • May be asked to help provide on the job training for less experienced operators.
  • Knows, understands, and complies with all company safety, environmental and housekeeping policies, including maintaining a neat and orderly work area.
  • Informs supervisors and/or managers of production problems.
  • Follows work instructions from applicable process planning (technical plans, drawings, planning, or procedures) with the understanding that no work instruction is to be violated in any way.
  • Is responsible for the proper handling and maintenance of equipment and tools.
  • Is responsible for promoting good morale and working well with his/her fellow workers and management.
  • Works productively to meet or exceed established production standards while being aware of costs of supplies, equipment, and poor quality.
  • Supports Operator Acceptance Program (OAP) initiatives.
  • Inspects the part to verify all characteristics for which he/she is responsible before signing the router and forwarding to subsequent operations or shipment.
  • Proposes improvements and solutions to problems observed.
  • Performs other tasks as assigned.
  • To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.
  • U.S. Person – This position requires a U.S. Person as defined by U.S. ITAR and EAR regulations due to CTS handling items and data restricted for export by ITAR and/or EAR.  Proof of U.S. citizenship (U.S. birth certificate or U.S. passport), naturalization or permanent resident status is required.
  • The competencies listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required.
  • Must be able to lift or move up to 50 pounds. 
Job-Specific Competencies
·       Communication
·       Personal Organization
·       Adaptability/Flexibility
·       Technical Documents
·       Decision Making/Judgment
·       Computer Skills
Education, Experience, Other Skills
  • High school diploma or general education degree (GED).

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