Position:  New College Graduate - Front End Engineer
Location:  Menlo Park, CA
Job Id:  141
# of Openings:   1

Why Delphix Engineering?
At Delphix, we are solving hard technical problems, have great mentorship, and have an amazing engineering-driven culture. And we are looking for the next generation of programming prodigies to come be a part of it.
Engineers are empowered to fundamentally drive the future of the company. We’ve built a culture where everyone voices good ideas and feels a sense of ownership in everything they do. Engineers have the freedom to identify customer problems, articulate solutions, and drive end-to-end execution of projects and strategy. Whether it’s developing new abstractions in the file system, designing an architecture to interoperate with a new database, or developing a new cloud paradigm for virtualizing data, there is no lack of hard problems and opportunities at Delphix.

Our team is built to mentor and support engineers in their growth as innovators and leaders. We work with engineers, recent graduates and experienced engineers alike, to find their unique path within the company, and avoid institutional impediments to their success. Team projects provide opportunities to learn from smart and thoughtful experts. Our processes and leaders help others find and establish ownership of new projects, technical areas, and key product strategies. Delphix engineers are relentless in their pursuit of new opportunities to learn and grow, and relish the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with others. 

Delphix Engineering is a team of world-class Computer Science problem-solvers with areas of excellence in data structures, algorithms, design patterns, object models, and coding. Our engineers don’t just code: they drive end-to-end product strategy and delivery. The team includes the inventors and architects of the VMware platform, ZFS, DTrace, Oracle RAC, DataGuard, and Flashback. We’re looking for the next great innovators to join us.

Front End Engineer
We build intuitive, compelling, and powerful user experience into our product. Developers should have a keen understanding of how to architect and present a clear user experience. You will work with the latest javascript front end tools, such as backbone, knockout, bootstrap, d3, and more to build a robust front end architecture.

What we look for
  • Conviction in the notion that frontend code (JavaScript, HTML/CSS) is a first-class citizen in the tech stack
  • A reputation of being among the top computer science students in your courses
  • Ability to think clearly and articulate your vision to others of varying technical comprehension
  • A belief that the products we build at work can be beautiful and a delight to use and that conversely, the usability of those products helps to make them so
  • Knowledge in JavaScript, CSS, HTML across multiple browsers and operating systems
  • Familiarity with object-oriented programming concepts, at least some familiarity writing OO code in OO languages
  • Have used source control tools before such as Git, Subversion, Perforce, Clearcase
  • Understand that writing good front-end code means following proven design patterns with clean, readable code and proper component design

Bonus if you have them
  • A proven eye for visual aesthetics and good design
  • Experience with knockout, handlebars, backbone, and bootstrap
  • Good understanding of file systems, operating systems, and distributed computing
  • Previous internship experience

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