Position:  Student Intern Greenhouse
Location:  River Forest, IL
Job Id:  707
# of Openings:  0

Interested in greenhouses? Hydroponics?

We are looking for a student worker intern, who will manage the greenhouse hydroponics systems under the direction of a faculty member and physical plant. The greenhouse has grown lettuce and tomatoes hydroponically for over a year. We need someone who will

  • learn the use of the hydroponics systems in our greenhouse
  • manage the plants during the week
  • monitor needs and find issues
  • maintain the growing plants with water, light and temperature, as needed
  • Keep the greenhouse clean and sanitary
  • work with the classes, dining hall and local pantry to deliver produce
  • work collaboratively with other student volunteers, university staff, and faculty

The mission of the greenhouse is to learn about the growing mediums of  hydroponics, and to provide produce grown in the greenhouse to Nutrition classes, the dining hall and the local Oak Park/River Forest food pantry. We also have grown native plants from seed and transferred the plants to our pollinator garden at the Priory.

Please apply to help us grow new experiences in the Dominican greenhouse.

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